Artist Residency


Lasikomppania started its Artist Residency in 2009 as first of its kind in Finland. We welcome applications from both Finnish and International glass artists who are experienced in the hotshop environment.

The residency offers individuals an opportunity to work in the oldest still functioning glass community in Finland  –  in the Nuutajärvi Glass Village where glassmaking dates back to 1793.

The chosen artist has hotshop access for 3-5 days during the residency, as well as a metal shop. Glassblowers and assistants are available for hire, not included in the residency.

Past residencies have been partly funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and The Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Artists in Residence:
2016  Aoife Soden, Denmark
2014  Erika Tada, Japan
2013  Csilla Szilagyi, Hungary (photo)
2011 Fredrika Linder, Sweden
2010 Jeff Ballard, USA
2009 Jonathan Capps, USA