The cooperative Nuutajärven Lasitaitajat ry., ‘LASIKOMPPANIA’, was founded in 2003 by 12 independent glass artists and designers. Its goal is to provide facilities and a working environment for hot glass, and to maintain and preserve the cultural heritage of glassmaking in the Nuutajärvi Glass Village, where glass has been made since 1793.  Lasikomppania also supports and creates new networks between schools, companies and other glassmakers in Finland and abroad.

Lasikomppania operates a hotshop which is available for rent for its members, other independent glassmakers, artists, schools or companies.

The cooperative also organizes workshops, artist residencies and children’s days, often in conjunction with other events and in collaboration with makers locally. The hotshop is open for visitors whenever it is booked and in use.

Lasikomppania welcomes new membership applications.

For more information please email: lasikomppania@gmail.com